You need to use an Ethereum browser to use this

Tested only on alethzero at the moment! Also, advise against using it. Please dont take it seriously! (Also note that it doesnt identify the grudge escrow contract on ethereum either! Will happily send messages that remotely look like grudge escrow.)

Ill-advised Grudge Based Escrow

Grudge Escrow Contract:

(no address)

Customer actions

Full contract state info

Merchant ---
stake+tip: ---
Customer ---
price: ---
stake: ---
total: ---


Grudge escrow developed here, as first contract with some testing and a GUI by me, Jasper den Ouden.(finally!) Do not use it with anything of value.

There are some checks done before sending transactions. They are not what enforces contracts, it just avoids messiness on your side, they are also not there to imply any sort of safety.

Things show/dont show depending on state, .